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The picture above should be a Mercedes… and no… it’s not mine… 🙂


Cider TimeThis is just a test to see how the built-in picture uploader works. I probably delete this post after I’m done… then again, maybe not.

I changed the title of the blog to more accurately describe my writing skills…

For those that wonder if new writings will ever materialize, don’t despair. I’m working on a few new posts and soon I can start on a whole other bunch just as soon as my fruity computer arrives.

For now, you will have to do some research and figure out what the new name means…

otter told me a long time ago that in American Colleges there is a course in Critical Thinking.

A majority of Americans is religious or very religious.

Conclusion: the American school system sucks…

How many people must there be in a room to allow a better than 50% chance that any of them share a birthday?

This is known as the Birthday Paradox and there is a better than 50% chance your answer will be way off (my guess). People are generally very bad at probabilities, our 'intuitive' answers are often very wrong.

Think about it for a minute and than find the answer here. If you need help with the math, don't hesitate to ask me. Email me your (honest) guess as I'm very interested in what you came up with…

It isn't often that I can reference Aristophanes in a story… so here goes

If you have no clue what the title is about you really have no business reading this blog (or you are directly related to me and I haven't told you yet). What can I say, pet references can be strange…

For reasons that are totally unclear to me, lately there seem to be a lot of shows on TV that deal with the death penalty in some shape or form. Personally, I blame Penn & Tellers Bullshit for this…

As a born and raised Dutch person, this whole debate is a little strange to me. There is no death penalty in the Netherlands and I seriously doubt there ever will be. There are several reasons why I think the death penalty is a bad idea but this is the main one:

It is irreversible!

If you make a mistake there is no way you can undo it, none. In my opinion, anything that is irreversible is by definition bad.